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About Us

At a very nominal fee the students enjoy all the facilities like smart classes, latest and well equipped labs NSS, Scouting and guiding, Spacious playground , transport facility , water purifiers, generators, huge library, computer labs and multipurpose hall to get right type of explosive.
The school is up to grade XII. The peer teaching seminars, interaction with the intellectuals and brain storming sessions broaden the vision of the students. They are provided ample opportunities to participate in various competitions on international, National, State and distt. Level.
Students show overwhelming enthusiasm in participating in festivals, celebrations. It is a matter of both pride and pleasure that our institution is organization on which work on social, religious and cultural level.
Trips and excursions give them first hand knowledge.
Our budding artist and scientists, speakers, actors, and singers have shown their excellence at various levels, proving their worth, ability and talents.
Our institution has shown outstanding results both in class X and class XII
Schools reflects the true image of the working achievements and creative ideas of the students reorientation programmes are conducted from time to time to update the knowledge of the teachers.
Our students have emerged as doctors, engineers, architects, businessmen and high leveled officials which make our head held with pride and with the blessing of the God our institution will reach the zenith of the success.

The foundation stone of this co educational institution affiliated to CBSE.
A strongly marked personality an influence descendants for generations


Kindergarten is a year of highly visible progress in reading and language arts. The major mile stone in kindergarten reading and language arts are :
1. Developing an awareness of letters.
2. Recognizing that letters have specific sounds.
3. Awareness of relationship of “letters to words” and “ words to sentences”
4. Developing a basic vocabulary set by listening to and identifying unknown words in the stories.
5. Recognizing basic sight words in text.

Major milestones for kindergarten learning includes:-

Developing a strong number sense
Indentifying numbers up to hundred.
Expressing different ways to represent numbers up to hundred.
Ability to sort and organize objects based on the different attributes.
Recognizing basic shapes and units for measurement, time and weight.
The kindergarten language arts section contains numerous learning activities as well as worksheets and teaching material that are primarly based on phonics, verbal, comprehension, reading fluency, vocabulary building and following instructions.
A foundation of beginning skills are taught as kindergarten learn through guided lesson direct teaching and the exploration of fundamental with specific focus on the alphabet and letter sounds and the “writer’s corner” isolate two letters at a time and allow students to explore all possible sounds and blends.

Primary & Middle

We understand middle school is a crucial time for physical and mental development in children. Which is why we recognize the need for educational growth, but more importantly how essential it is to build confidence in young adults.
At Everest School our aim is to draw upon the best elements of the curriculum combined with the depth and range of subjects are based on age appropriate learning goal. Good education not only has to develop character and a sense of value, but must also strike a balance between the scholastic and non-scholastic areas. With this in mind, we aim to provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities to cater to the needs of all students.
The primary curriculum at Everest School is driven by the natural curiosity amongst children as per appropriate age group. At primary level we integrate the curriculum with NCERT. They share their experiences and ideas, enhance their sense of discipline and varied existence of community through interaction with different kind of people and objects in their neighborhood and environment. The curriculum recognizes the importance of developing the full potential of child.
At this stage between childhood and teenage, a greater ability for abstract thinking emerge in children. The focus on inquiry based learning continue as do parallel in depth exploration of subjects:- Algebra, geometry, and arithmetic, history, civics, geography, language and literature appreciation, art and music, and sports which often culminate into integrated projects.
Teachers, students and parents continue to be the partners in the learning process as they explore and make connections across subjects, develop critical thinking and apply their knowledge to real life situations.

Secondary /Higher Secondary

The higher secondary stage is crucial in many ways. It is a stage of maximum challenge. While the students in this age group are passing through a critical phase of their lives-transition from adolescence to youth, they have to take important decisions concerning their future career by choosing suitable courses. In fact more than need and aptitude, it is awareness and performance and performance of the students at this stage that ultimately determines their future.
Normally, only a small percentage of students’ population reaches the tertiary level. It is from amongst these that the eventual leadership emerges. The quality of these people depends on the foundation laid in early years especially at the higher secondary stage, the products of which provide the second or intermediate level of leadership in every walk of life.

Medical Facilities:-

School ensures that sports and games equipment are regularly checked and first aid items /medicines are updated. Named staff members from the school has been given responsibility to ensure this happens. Even school has an association with near by medical establishments.


At Everest school sports and games curriculum is an integral and compulsory part of education process. Sports help to build character and teach the importance of discipline in life. It inculcates a respect for rule and allows the participants to learn the value to self control.
The sports comprises :-
1. Athletics
2. Basketball court
3. Badminton court
4. Cricket Field
5. Football field.
6. Volleyball court
7. Long Jump/Short Jump/High Jump Arenas

Parent Teacher Meeting

Parent- teacher meetings are usually thrice or more a year at progress reporting periods.They are brief meetings. School set aside specific dates and times for meeting.
While the main focus of parent –teacher meeting is be learning, it’s also important to discuss factors that can affect learning, such as students’ behavioral and social development, peer relationships, classroom behavior, motivation and work habits, as well as students’ strength and challenges.
Conducting effective parent-teacher meeting can boost family involvement in the classroom and help promote positive outcomes for our students, and our school.
A parent – teacher meeting at EPS is a great opportunity to:
Share academic progress and growth based on classroom observations, testing data, assessments, portfolios, and assignments.
Learn from parents or guardians so they can be better informed about student’ strengths, needs, behaviors, and learning styles.
Discuss enrichment or intervention strategies to support student’ learning.
Discuss issues that may be interfering with students’ learning and growth.


A vast expanse of 7140 Sq. Yards provides a perfect ambience for an aesthetically chartered school building. The lung space, the open lawns are marked with a colourful bonanza of fresh floral bounty.
An awe inspiring infrastructure comprising of 35 well ventilated classrooms, science math laboratories and libraries where books span time, space, culture and genre. To aid the process of learning we have an audio- visual room, a sports field, indoor games and an art gallery to showcase the creative flair of the students.


The serene ambience inspires a love for learning. Information at the click of a finger tip invites the young users to delve into the magical world of words and the wealth of research material available. The school has a well equipped library. Interaction with eminent authors, book reviews, and reading sessions are conducted regularly exposing students to good written and reading skills.
The reference library which is fully computerized is a treasure trove of information that has been built and continues to grow each year.

Science Laboratory

A scientific temperament is nurtured through fully equipped and suitably designed laboratory for Physics, Chemistry and Biology Students are encourages to use the facilities for enhancing their innovative and scientific skills.

ICT Laboratories

State of art ICT laboratory for the primary, middle and senior levels help foster technological skills. Students design websites and create software programs in keeping with international requirements.

Art Room

The splashes of Color Reverberate with the Diversity & Vividity of Human Emotion in the Art Room at the Junior Level. Individual styles and techniques get honed and displayed at the Middle and Senior School Level.

Math Laboratory

The formula of math logical intelligence is cracked in the number zone of Math Lab.

Audio Visual Room

The use of audio visual aids is well integrated with the school curriculum and used by the staff and students alike. The audio visual room with its slide projector and screens is equipped both for teaching and presentations by students. A large collection of CDs and DVDs are used regularly as teaching aids for enhancement of the student’ learning.

Activity Hive

The basement of the school is perpetually abuzz with a plethora of activities ranging from drama workshops, to dance classes, and indoor games.


‘Young India’ – Fit India is the health motto of EPS. The school infirmary is equipped to take care of minor exigencies.


Sports facilities at school include basketball court, cricket pitch, indoor games and much more.

Teaching Training

Continuous professional learning and Learning Communities within the school provide teachers with regular in service training to share contemporary pedagogical practices and acquire skills for facilitating learning to the 21st century digital native learner.



“Nothing is too hard to conquer, all you have to do is believe”

TRUST mediates the differences, binds the gaps, holds everything together, and pushes us to believe we can conquer all obstacles

It is time now that we wake up to the TRUST that we are individually, as well as collectively, the sovereign and free creators not only of our world, but also of ourselves, in every way.

At The Everest School the House system is now an integral part of our pastoral system. The challenge is to instill a new sense of pride and passion for the new and improved system.
The House system allows every student and number of staff to feel a sense of belonging by becoming a member of Tagore, Newton, Bawa and Mother Teresa House.
By being a member of the House family, students and staff are encouraged to show team spirit as all of the Houses. Each House is made up of few tutor groups per year which are overseen by a devoted and much loved House Pastoral lead.
Inter – House is a major pastoral and extra – curricular side of school which develops students’ social, team – working and organization (amongst other) skills. The House system aims to reflect the ethos of the school.

Students aspire to succeed and learn from every experience. Each tutor group looks to contribute as much as possible in the aim of winning the overall inter- house championship. Through their experiences, they can aim to improve themselves. For example, if they lose a game they can look at how to win next time or if they win, how can they better themselves further.

Achieving, in its base level, is about winning; and many students get a sense of achievement when their team wins. We encourage this but also support students who are participating. Improved confidence, a great performance, even a single moment in an event can all be highlighted as success. Be supportive.
There are many House events throughout the year from all areas of school life. This blend ensures that everyone has the opportunity to represent their House in something that they enjoy or are good at. For example House events include; various sporting activities, spell bee and orienteering.
Staff facilitate events but we encourage students to take the lead in their management and organization which further develops their wider skill set as they mature and grow towards college or apprenticeship after they leave the school. These competitions regularly attract crowds of supporters cheering for their House.
All students have the opportunity to earn House points as they are all invited and encouraged to take part in all events, and everything from their classwork efforts to their musical prowess and sporting ability can contribute to the scores. Separate from our House system, students are rewarded for their class work through the award.