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Read the rules carefully. Violation of rules can lead to the disciplinary action. Students of EVEREST PUBLIC SR. SEC. SCHOOL should always remember that school is judged by their conduct shown outside the school premises whether they are in the school uniform or not.

1. Students must reach school at least ten minutes before the first bell. All the students must be their seats before the teacher enter the class. They must obey the class Monitors/ Captain when the teacher is not in the class.
2. Student without proper uniform will not be permitted in the school.
3. Students must inculcate good habits and manners. They should pay respect to parents, teacher and elders, speak with decency and behave courteously with all alike.
4. Students are responsible for their own belonging. The name class and section of the students should be clearly marked on all his/her belongings.
5. Students are requested not to wear any ornaments or watches. Money should not be lent or borrowed and no articles be exchanged.
6. Students are not allowed to bring objectionable literature, items mobiles etc. Such material will be confiscated.
7. Regular hair cut is expected from non-keshdari boy students. Students with unduly long hair and long whiskers will not be permitted to attend the class. Girls with long hair should make two braids with ribbons.
8. The students are not permitted to leave the school during schools hours without the permission of principal.
9. Verbal requests through relatives to allow children to go home before working gets over will not be compiled with.
10. Use of foul language in any form written or oral is strictly prohibited.
11. Report of violence in any form inside or outside the school shall result in the rustication of the school concerned.
12. To make the environment Eco-Friendly, the students are advised not to use poly-bags.
13. Students using the library/Reading room will strictly follow the library rule.
14. Unpardonable acts/offences which may lead to expulsion from the school.
I.  Using foul and filthy language
II. Showing disrespect/disobedience to teachers and elders.

Identity Cards:-
1. The identity care must be worn by every student every day to school.
2. Loss of identity care must be reported immediately to the school

Leave Application:-
1. School leave or leave for the half day is not allowed.
2. Leave of absence must be intimated to the school on the leave application form issue by the school.
3. Medical leave must be accompanied with a medical certificate.
4. It is mandatory for every child to attend school on the day the school re-opens after a vacation. In case of any illness/emergency prior sanction of leave must be sought from the school authorities.

Fee Payment System:-
1. School fee must be deposited quarterly/monthly before the 10th of every month otherwise fine of Rs.10/- will be charged per day.
2. Parents are requested to pay the fee on time to avoid late fee fine.
3. Fee will be charged from the beginning of the school term even if a child is admitted in the midterm.

It will be our Endeavour to take all the responsible measures and precautions to ensure physical safety of the students. The school will not be liable for any charges in the event of injury to students during their stay in the school premises or during the journey by their own conveyance to and from the school or during excursion trips beyond the school. This includes the injuries caused to the students by other fellow students. All expense in the treatment of such injuries will be borne by the parents/guardians.

Children suffering from any infectious diseases shall not be permitted to attend school and may be sent back if infection persists.

1. Parents can meet Principal/Academic coordinator/Class teacher by prior appointment only.
2. Do ensure that your ward does not carry any money to school unless accompanied by a letter.
3. The principal shall have full discretion for the placement of students in a suitable class/section in the interest of students and the school. The principal may expel any students from the school at any time on disciplinary ground.

1. Only 2 sweets/toffees per child of the class are permitted.
2. No cakes are allowed in the school. Children should come in school uniform.

Visiting Hours:-
The principal receives visitors on all schools days between
Summer  :   09:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Winter  :   09:30 AM to 10:30 AM

Warning Card:-
A system of the warning cards is introduced to make students conscious of keeping discipline and paying due attention of their studies.

Yellow card
A student will be issued yellow card for not being punctual, late arrival, negligence in studies, not doing the regular home work and remaining absent from the school.
Three yellow cards are equivalent to one Red card

Red Card
A student will be issued a red card for showing bad conduct, indulging in copying in the examination and abstaining from the class. Three cards will result in expulsion of the students from the school. The Principal reserves the right to ask the parents to withdraw their ward, on the following point.

1. Bad conduct
2. Unsatisfactory academic progress.
3. Irregular attendance.
4. Dis-obedience to the higher authorities and immorality.
5. Non-payment of school dues.